Kappa-Opioid Gain Poster + Exclusive Bonus EP

from poo


Limited edition of posters with "Kappa-Opioid Gain" beautiful artwork by Netykavka + a download code for an access to a BONUS EP containing EXCLUSIVE content.

The posters are limited to 23 prints. The first seven prints are hand-numbered with blood (clone making permitted), the remaining ones are numbered with ink. Size: 42 x 59 (cm) / 16 x 23 (inches)

Each poster includes a code (on its back side) which gives you an access to the BONUS EP consisting of three exclusive tracks:

The "Decade" is an alternative vox-less mix of a track from our upcoming album. We decided to make and release such version to reveal some wonderful nuances, which are overlaid in the more dense album version. Song is called "Decade", because a big part of it was recorded more than ten years ago, when we intended it for our side-project "Snakeslegs" which was never released. We found this material years later and decided to recycle the material into a poo track. This is an appetizer of our upcoming album!

The second track is a short cut-out of one jam session recorded in the Mydriasis studio during the April of 2012, while working on our new album. It was not used for the album after all, so we are offering it to you in this raw (=healthy) form, so you can taste the authentic atmosphere we had in our studio in the spring of the Year of our Lord, Two-Thousand-Twelve !!

The word "Tesla" in title of the third track is not a tribute to the genius inventor in this case, but rather a name of communist era Czechoslovak brand of electronic equipment. "Spiritual" is their model of a transistor radio they produced in 70s, which is still sitting in our Mydriasis studio. When we got it, we couldn't resist having some fun with it in an old-school harsh-noise way, playing it through two chains of analog stomp-boxes + doing some intense real-time wiggling.

Mastering by Jonas Gruska at KonCon studios.

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poo Prague, Czech Republic

Poo is an audio platform established back in 1998 by ::.: and RENTIP. From that time to the present, we have released three EPs, one remix EP, and many tracks as part of several compilations. In 2005 we released the full length album "Fluorescent" on independent Prague-based label 11fingers records. We are currently working on our second album. ... more

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